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Open Post Doctorate Positions : Frame Multipliers: Theory and Applications in Acoustics (MulAC)

The Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) of the Austrian Academy of
Sciences invites applications for two research positions in Mathematics
/ Signal Processing / Acoustics in a WWTF -funded project with
multi-disciplinary and international collaboration.

Applicants should have

* a PhD or equivalent degree in the field of mathematics or
electrical/acoustics engineering,
* at least two years of post-doctoral experience, with a strong
publication record
* the ability to carry out research work independently within a
collegial environment,
* a good command of English
* experience in
o mathematics (frame, operator, Gabor and wavelet theory, statistical
o engineering (control theory (LMIs), signal processing (time-varying
and adaptive filtering))
o acoustics (acoustical measurements, head related transfer functions
(HRTFs), psychoacoustics)
o numerics / programming (C++, MatLab / Octave)

The two positions are scaled differently on the above mentioned criteria
according to a) the theoretical and b) the applied working packages.
Both positions include alternating employment at the Austrian, French
and Belgian partner institutions in Vienna, Marseille and Louvain la
Neuve, each for several months. The positions do not involve any
teaching duties. The contract a) should start in March 2008, b) in
September 2008 for a term of 1 year with the option to be prolonged to a
full 3 year appointment. Depending on the project's success, the
opportunity of further project work is envisaged. The gross salary is
€40.000 per year. Travel expenses are covered by the project.

The project's partner institutions are:
* the group Modélisation, Synthèse et Contrôle des Signaux Sonores et
Musicaux in the Laboratoire de Mécanique et d’Acoustique (LMA) of the
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) Marseille (Dr.
Richard Kronland-Martinet),
* the Laboratoire d'Analyse, Topologie et Probabilités (LATP), Centre de
Mathématiques et Informatique of the Universite de Provence Marseille
(Prof. Bruno Torrésani),
* the Unité de physique théorique et de physique mathématique (FYMA) in
the Département de physique of the Université catholique de Louvain
(UCL) Louvain-la-Neuve (Prof. Jean-Pierre Antoine),
* the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group (NuHAG) of the Faculty of
Mathematics, at the University of Vienna (Prof. Hans G. Feichtinger) and
* the Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) of the Austrian Academy of
Sciences (Dr. Peter Balazs, project coordinator)

These institutions provide an excellent scientific environment and
extended experimental facilities . The project's aim to establish new
results in the mathematical theory of frame multipliers, to integrate
them in efficient digital signal processing algorithms and to make them
available for use in 'real-world' acoustical applications offers the
candidates the unique opportunity to participate in this international
research collaboration. Combining the theoretical background with the
evaluation and implementation of the results on all levels promises the
create and use extended synergies (see http://www.kfs.oeaw.ac.at/MulAc ).

The Austrian Academy of Sciences is an equal-opportunity employer, women
and minorities are encouraged to apply.

Interested applicants should send a letter of application including a
Curriculum Vitae and a list of publications, as well as 3 letters of
reference. Please send information by email to peter.balazs@xxxxxxxxxx

The deadline for application is December 31th, 2007.

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