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Re: Speech recognition in noise

That relationship will depend greatly on the sentence material 
used. A neat demonstration of this was presented by 
Arthur Boothroyd and Susan Nittrouer
"Mathematical treatment of context effects in phoneme and word recognition" J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 84,
101-114 (1988).

They don't go as low as feature recognition, but they cover the
the roles of phonological, lexical, gramatical and semantic
contraints in sentence recognition.


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>>> Mahan Azadpour <azadpour@xxxxxxxx> 19/11/07 6:06 PM >>>
Dear List,

Can any one direct me to any studies that have measured the correlation between speech recognition
and phonological perception in noise ? I am interested to know how much perception of different
phonological features predicts sentence recognition performance under any kind of noisy situations.

Thanks in advance.