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speech perception in noise

Here are some of our papers on the perception of phonological
features in noise (but not correlation with sentence recognition):

1. Jintao Jiang, Marcia Chen, Abeer Alwan, "On the perception of voicing
in syllable-initial plosives in noise",Journal of the Acoustical Society
of America, Volume 119, Issue 2, pp. 1092-1105, February 2006.

2. W. Chen and A. Alwan, "Perpception of the Place of Articulation Feature
for Plosives and Fricatives in Noise," in Proc. ICPhS, Barcelona, August,

3. James J. Hant and Abeer Alwan, "A Psychoacoustic-Masking Model to
Predict the Perception of Speech-Like Stimuli in Noise," Speech
Communication, Vol. 40, May 2003, pp. 291-313.

4. Brian Strope and Abeer Alwan, "Modeling the Perception of Pitch-Rate
Amplitude Modulation in Noise", in "Computational Models of Auditory
Function", a book edited by Steve Greenberg and Malcolm Slaney, pp.
315-327, IOS Press, NATO Science Series, Netherlands, 2001.

5. W. Chen and A. Alwan, "Place of Articulation Cues for Voiced and
Voiceless Plosives and Fricatives in Syllable-Initial Position," 6th
International Conference on Spoken Language Processing, ICSLP 2000. Vol.
4, pp. 113-116.

6. J. Hant and A. Alwan, "Predicting the Perceptual Confusion of Synthetic
Stop Consonants in Noise," 6th International Conference on Spoken Language
Processing, ICSLP 2000. Vol. 3, pp. 941-944.

7. A. Alwan, J. Lo, Q. Zhu, "Human and Machine Recognition of Nasal
Consonants in Noise," Proceedings of the 14th International Congress of
Phonetic Sciences, Vol. 1 Page 167-170, August 1999, San Francisco.

All are available for downloading from our website:


Best wishes,

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> Dear List,
> Can any one direct me to any studies that have measured the correlation
> between speech recognition and phonological perception in noise ? I am =
> interested to know how much perception of different phonological =
> features predicts sentence recognition performance under any kind of =
> noisy situations.
> Thanks in advance.
> Bests,
> Mahan=20