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looking for cooperation in NORWAY

Dear List Members

I work in Department of Room Acoustics and Psychoacoustics 
(http://www.ia.amu.edu.pl/zapip/index.php) of Institute of Acoustic 
(Adam Mickiewicz Universzity, Poznan, Poland). We are very interested in 
cooperation with similar units in Norway.  We have been looking a 
potential Norwegian parent interested in general psychoacoustics, 
modeling and measuring speech intelligibility in noise, speech 
enhancement, binaural perception, otoacoustic emission. We are really 
interested in modern techniques related to speech audiometry, especially 
dedicated for small children. What kind of linguistic tests (digit, 
sentences, single words) are used in Norway for speech intelligibility 
estimation? I would be very grateful, if you send me some information or 
contacts to people who deals with these or similar topics in Norway. 
Thank you in advance for any information you can offer.

Best regards

Dariusz Kutzner, P.hD.
Institute of Acoustic

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