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Distortion-product oto-acoustic emissions.

Dear List member,

I have just written a doc-file entitled "DPOAE phases and wave-
group delays in mammalian cochleae, predicted from mass-loaded spring-
driven surface-wave formulae".

Abstract: In this draft, formulae for mass-loaded spring-driven 
surface waves are used to show that the level of the two primary 
tones and the category of the observed cubic difference tone (higher 
or lower CDT) influence the DPOAE group delays. In particular, both 
the short delays measured in gerbil by T. Ren et al. (2006) and the 
long delays measured in guinea pig by N.P. Cooper and C.A. Shera 
(2004) are explained. The present calculations speak for the 
existence of slow backward cochlear DP travelling waves.

Please write off-list if you would like to receive this doc-file.

With best regards,

Reinhart Frosch.

Reinhart Frosch,
Dr. phil. nat.,
r. PSI and ETH Zurich,
Sommerhaldenstr. 5B,
CH-5200 Brugg.
Phone: 0041 56 441 77 72.
Mobile: 0041 79 754 30 32.
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