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2nd Issue of JIMS-announcement to AUDITORY group

Dear colleagues,


We're glad to announce the 2nd issue of JIMS which is available both in print and online.


The third issue of JIMS will present the best papers of CIM07 - the Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology recently held in Tallinn, Estonia on the theme of singing.


Based on this experience, JIMS has now revised its goals and review procedures. Please see the JIMS webpage for further details:



If your research is musically relevant and crosses the boundaries between traditional disciplines, please consider submitting it to JIMS.



Yours sincerely,

Ali C. Gedik, adminstrative editor

Richard Parncutt, academic editor

ali c. gedik
administrative editor
journal of interdisciplinay music studies (JIMS)
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35360  hatay-izmir
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