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Re: auditory scrambling

Hi Mathias,

I also did this a while ago, when I tried to find a way to make sounds unrecognizable. However, it didn't use it later because it didn't make sense for my stimuli.
What you have to do is, to read the wav-file in Matlab and than transform the data vector you get in a matrix with as many columns as you need segments (each with so many data points as the length of the segment is supposed to be according to the sampling rate of your stimuli). You might need to add zero-value data points at the end of your signal to have a vector length that is separable by your number of segments. You can than sort the columns randomly and resample the sound. However, you will probably get distortions as the signal is not cut at zero-crossing points. It will depend on your stimuli and the way you want to use them whether you will need to find a a way to avoid this.

If you like I can have a look for the script.

Best, Ursula

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