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Re: auditory scrambling

Dear all,

Here is another twist on scrambling sounds.  I finally located the Java
applet I wrote some time back that does that.  In addition to braking up
sounds in equal duration segments and shuffling them, it also gives an
option of putting the pieces back together.  When I was writing it, I had
some training applications in mind, but that project, unfortunately, never
took off.  If anyone finds this interesting and worthy of pursuing further,
I would be interested in collaborating.  Also, I can send my highly
amateurish Java code, if anyone want to play with others sounds, since
applets do not allow to select files from local machines (as far as I now).
Finally, the utterance examples used there were selected merely for their
convenience and accessibility -- not to make any statements.

Here's the link: http://www.rushu.rush.edu/cds/arl/sonicpuzzle/

Happy Holidays to all!


Valeriy Shafiro
Communication Disorders and Sciences
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, IL

office (312) 942 - 3298
lab    (312) 942 - 3316
email: valeriy_shafiro@xxxxxxxx

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Attached is some Matlab code written by Keansub Lee in my lab when we were
looking at making "personal audio lifelog" recordings unintelligible while
preserving the statistics needed for classifying environment and speakers.

It chops the sound into overlapping 200ms windows and permutes them
within a 1 second radius.  Basic usage is just y = scrambling(d,sr);
where d is the input audio and sr is the sampling rate.  See comments
in the file for changing the parameters (window length, overlap, scramble
radius etc.).

Also attached are a brief speech sound before and after scrambling.
Apologies to digest readers who will probably see a great deal of
meaningless ascii.


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