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Re: memory / timbre

Le 22 déc. 07 à 18:55, Clemens Kuhn a écrit :

Hi all,

I'm interested in experimental results about memory and timbre perception.

Can anyone direct me to publications concerning the ability of subjects to remember certain sounds, especially the timbre?

I will appreciate any kind of help!

Best regards,


Here are some papers on memory and nonverbal sounds:

Chiu, C.-Y. P., and Schacter, D. L. (1995). "Auditory Priming for Nonverbal Information: Implicit and Explicit Memory for Environmental Sounds," Consciousness and Cognition 4, 440-458.

Gelder, B. d., and Vroomen, J. (1997). "Modality effects in immediate recall of verbal and non-verbal information," European Journal of Cognitive Psychology 9, 97-110.

Rowe, E. J., and Rowe, W. G. (1976). "Stimulus suffix effects with speech an nonspeech sounds," Memory & Cognition 4, 128-131.

Semal, C., and Demany, L. (1991). "Dissociation of pitch from timbre in auditory short-term memory," Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 89, 2404-2410.

Semal, C., Demany, L., and Ueda, K. (1996). "Speech versus nonspeech in pitch memory," Journal of Acoustical Society of America 100, 1132-1140.

Best Regards

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