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Developmental studies on Auditory Scene Analysis

Dear Annemarie,

Here are some other references to work on the development of auditory scene

Demany, L. (1982). Auditory stream segregation in infancy. Infant Behavior
and Development, 5, 261-276.

McAdams, S. & Bertoncini, J. (1997). Organization and discrimination of
repeating sound sequences by newborn infants. JASA, 102, 2945-2953.

Hall, J. W., Grose, J. H., Dev, M. B. (1997). Auditory development in
complex tasks of comodulation masking release. Journal of Speech Language
and Hearing Research, 40, 946-954.

Newman, R. S. & Juscyk, P. W. (1996). The cocktail party effect in infants.
Perception & Psychophysics, 58, 1145-1156.

Fassbender, C. (1993). Auditory grouping and segregation in infancy. Kaste
Verlag, Norderstedt).

    (I think that this last one is a Ph.D. Thesis: if anyone has copy that
they would be willing to send me, I'd appreciate it.


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