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Re: Auditory serial recall

Le 21 janv. 08 à 23:46, Hornsby, Benjamin Wade Young a écrit :

Hi All,
I'm looking for references to help determine the inter-word interval to
use for a serial recall task. I'll be presenting strings of
monosyllables (random lengths) and measuring accuracy of word recall of
the final few words (and reaction times). Given I've got multiple
conditions I'm trying to shorten the test duration by reducing the
silent interval between the words. Any help directing me to references
that have examined the effects of various inter-word intervals on
auditory serial recall would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much,

Ben Hornsby

There are several studies focusing on variables affecting long and short term storage in a recall task. The variables that affect the efficiency of rote learning – presentation rate, number of presentations, etc .. – have also an effect on the beginning section of the serial position curve. Increase of the repetition rate seems to facilitate rote learning and thus long term storage. In Glanzer and Cunitz (1966) when the repetition rate (one word at x-sec rate) increases, the probability of recall is raised in all but the last few positions of the recall curve.

Glanzer, M., and Cunitz, A. R. (1966). "Two Storage Mechanisms in Free Recall," Journal of Verbal Learning and Verbal Behavior 5, 351-360.

Best regards
Patrick Susini

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