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Re: separating voices and music in movie scenes

Pawel already answered to Christian's question. More:

Christian, you don't mention, how old the movie examples are.
The majority of movie sound has been using Dolby Surround from
the beginning of the 80's. With Dolby Surround sound, you can
try to decode the soundtrack with a Pro Logic decoder and simply
leave the center channel out. Practically all dialogue is placed center
front at the mix.

With Dolby Digital or DTS movies, decode the sound and leave
center out. The music and the sound effects are usually stereo
between L and R channels. The rear channels contain mostly
ambience and occasional sound effects.

If the soundtrack is plain two channel stereo, Pawel already
made good points on it. It may be difficult to "separate" the
dialogue from it. In addition to the Adobe Audition feature,
google for "vocal removers". Some of them just cancel out all
such information that is in-phase and equal level between the
channels, some use a bit more clever strategy.


hope this helps

Eero Aro