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F2-F1 for backness in vowel space?

Dear list

My colleague is involved in a project on vowel production in motherese, and
would like to describe the acoustic characteristics of the vowels by
plotting the formant frequencies on a 2-dimensional plane (the usual
vowel-quadrilateral-like plane, with [height] and [backness] in the
dimensions). Particularly, he would like to represent the [height] and
[backness] in auditory space.

The question he has is regarding the scale of the axes.

My colleague found Diehl, Traunmuller et al proposed that
F1-F0 in Bark is the best acoustic correlate to represent the perceptual
[height] (the y-axis), but for the perceptual [backness] (x-axis) he hasn't
found a good one except F2-F1, which Ladefoged mentions in a paper and in his textbook. Are there any scales/measures that are out there in the literature for
the perceptual [backness] of vowels?

Any suggestion would be welcome.

Thank you.

Shin Tokuma
Dr Shinichi Tokuma
Chuo University, Tokyo