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Ircam/ Job Offers/ Quaero project/ Annotation

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Position title : Musicians-annotators for the Quaero project

Introduction to IRCAM
IRCAM is a leading non-profit organization associated to Centre Pompidou, dedicated to music production, R&D and education in acoustics and music. It hosts composers, researchers and students from many countries cooperating in contemporary music production, scientific and applied research. The main topics addressed in its R&D department include acoustics, audio signal processing, computer music, interaction technologies, musicology. Ircam is located in the center of Paris near the Centre Pompidou, at 1, Place Igor Stravinsky 75004 Paris.

Position description
Two jobs are available from February 1st, 2008 within the "Sound Analysis/Synthesis Team” of Ircam, each for a duration of 5 months (with possible extensions).

Context: The work is to be done is part of the Quaero project. The Quaero project aims at the development of a multimedia search engine. In  this framework, music content extraction algorithms are developed. For the validation of those, a large musical corpus is developed.

Tasks description: The jobs concerns
  • the manual annotation of the music tracks of this corpus. Using an annotation software, the music tracks must be annotated into various musical information: beat positions, measure positions, chords succession over time, notes succession, musical structure.
  • providing user-feedbacks to the developer of the annotation software.
  • participating to the improvement of the specification of the distribution of the musical corpus.

Required profile
The candidates should have 
  • a good listening/ earing (absolute pitch if possible), a good sense of rhythm/tempo ; musical education is of course an added value (knowledge of the various meter, various chord types, …)
  • a good knowledge of the specificity’s of the various music genre specificity’s (classical, jazz, pop, international, …)
  • practice of computer software and tools

According to background and experience

In order to start immediately, the candidate should preferably have EEC citizenship
or already own valid EEC working papers.

Please send an application letter together with your resume, a photo and any suitable information addressing the above issues preferably by email to geoffroy.peeters@xxxxxxxx with cc. to Hugues.Vinet@xxxxxxxx.

Geoffroy Peeters
Ircam - R&D
tel: +33/1/
email: peeters@xxxxxxxx