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Re: examples of natural sound displays

Hi -

Interesting project. The question of what's "natural" is not necessarily something we'll agree on, so sorry if these are the wrong direction:

Bubbling water inside pitched pipes?

Wave-driven organ?

Waterphone? (Played by bowing or plucking, but sound character is influenced by motion of water)

Wind-driven harps?

Or maybe the daxophone, which uses bowed wood to make some very "natural"-sounding noises!

Hard to pin down if/how these might be relevant, without knowing what sort of information you're wanting to display. But maybe it gives you some ideas.


Milena Droumeva wrote:
Hi group(s),

I am part of a team working on a sustainable solar house project, and we might be looking at using some natural sound-making materials as "auditory displays". I was wondering if anyone can forward examples and ideas as to what those could be, what has been done and how could it be designed. One of the idea I am thinking is these "displays" being driven by the elements - such as water, wind, etc.

Thanks so much!

Milena Droumeva
Simon Fraser University

Dan Stowell
Centre for Digital Music
Dept of Electronic Engineering
Queen Mary, University of London
Mile End Road, London E1 4NS