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Re: examples of natural sound displays

Hi everyone -
i just wanted to thank everyone for their inspiring information and examples! I'll compile them and give to my team - basically we are looking at trying to create 'informative' natural sound sculptures/instruments which would ideally be powered by the elements - heat, water, wind, etc.
Thanks again everyone!

Milena Droumeva

Ju-Lee Hong wrote:
Hi Milena,

One of the discographies** in Nicola Dibben's (2001)* study might be
of your interests: the disc seems to cover natural sound display
including 'Heavy Rain', 'Fire crackle', 'Cat miaowing' etc.

* N Dibben (2001), 'What do we hear, when we hear music?: Music
perception and musical material', Music Scientiae, 5: 161-194.

** BBC Essential Sound Effects (1990). BBC CD 792


On Wed, April 23, 2008 10:19 pm, Milena Droumeva said:

Hi group(s),

I am part of a team working on a sustainable solar house project,
and we might be looking at using some natural sound-making materials
as "auditory displays". I was wondering if anyone can forward
examples and ideas as to what those could be, what has been done and
how could it be designed. One of the idea I am thinking is these
"displays" being driven
by the elements - such as water, wind, etc.

Thanks so much!

Milena Droumeva
Simon Fraser University