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Re: examples of natural sound displays

Dear all,

Re: Milena's post

Japanese readers on the list may be able to correct / complement this, but if I understand correctly, one (traditional) example could be the Japanese wind bell (furin), that people hang in front of their house during the hot summer season. These glass bells have a gentle crystal-like ring when moving in the breeze. The sound is said to be refreshing, as it literally sonifies the impression of a moving stream of fresh air.

There is interesting synesthesia with its timbre - I suspect if the sound was a loud grasshopper-like rattle (which also happens to be iconic of Japanese summer), the effect wouldn't be the same.

Hope this helps,


Jean-Julien Aucouturier, Ph.D.
Ikegami Lab (Complex Systems and Artificial Life)
The University of Tokyo, Japan