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Sound Level Meters

I need to perform some sound level readings at an industrial facility and am looking for a good logging octave-band recorder. I'd appreciate recommendations.

The equipment must be capable of handling the following bands 20-75, 75-150, 150-300, 300-600, 600-1200, 1200-2400, 2400-4800, and 4800 and above. The equipment must ALSO be compliant with the ANSI standards for Sound Level Meter Sl4-1971 and for Octave Band Filter Sets SL11-1966, R1971. I realize these standards are out of date, but those are the ones I have to be sure the equipment complies with, so if anyone knows how those earlier standards relate to ANSI Type 1, 2 etc. it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, recommendations for companies in the USA who rent such equipment would be greatly appreciated (as in, if you had a particularly GOOD or BAD experience with a certain company, this would be helpful to know).

A final question is with regard to calibration of the equipment -- are they self-calibrating, or is there a calibration test-set that one can purchase to ensure the equipment is in spec.

Thanks in advance for any information that folks can provide.

Rebecca Mercuri, Ph.D.