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Re: Variability of natural speech production

Dear Nicola:

The book Speech and Hearing in Communication by Harvey Fletcher contains two chapters that may be useful to you. They provide acoustic and perceptual qualities of individual speech sounds, respectively. However, the book does NOT contain spectral distributions for individual speech sounds.

Chapter 4: Acoustical Speech Powers (contains power of individual speech sounds)

Chapter 18: Effects of Distortion on the Individual Speech Sounds (contains speech sound recognition under high- and low-pass filtering and as a function of intensity level)


Christine Rankovic

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Subject: Variability of natural speech production

Dear List,

We would like to know more about the acoustic properties of natural speech?

Especialy we are interested in the distribution of spectral levels of single phonemes, especially /f/, /s/, /sh/, /t/, /d/ /k/, /g/, /p/, /b/ on two dimensions: voice effort (whispering .. talking .. shouting) and speaker "clarity" (barely understandable ... clearly understandable). Long-term spectra are not helping us.

Is any one working on either of this topics? Or knows topic related literature?

Thanks for your answer in advance

Best Regards
Nicola Schmitt

Research Audiologist

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