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Re: Objective intelligibility measurements

Hi Kevin,

I believe the term "objective" is referring to what is making the
measurement. If responses are coming from a person then the measurements
are referred to as "subjective" (i.e., perceptual). However, in this
case the measurements are coming from an algorithm that transforms
physical level measurements into a prediction of intelligibility. The
measuring device is "objective" in the sense that you will always get
the same measured value for a given set of input signals.  

Best regards,
Scott Pennock

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I'm not sure that the word "objective" is being used correctly here.  
 From my understanding perception (and perceptual evaluation) are
anything but "objective"; I understand these methods to demonstrate
statistical responses across the group tested, at the time of the
testing. Unless this is about the intelligibility of the object being
tested, in which case I think it would be "Object intelligibility

Best wishes


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> Subject: Re: 1. Objective intelligibility measurements (3)
> Dear All,
> We have been developing a "PESQ Intelligibility" and written a paper 
> for the J. of the Audio Engineering Society which is currently under 
> review.
> John Beerends
> Delft=20
> The Netherlands

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> Subject: 1. Objective intelligibility measurements (3)
> Dear Matt,
> I don't know if you have ever been using PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation 
> of the Speech Quality, ITU Recommendation P.862)...
> We started using it three years ago for the objective evaluation of 
> hearing aids audio quality, but at the end we concluded that for that 
> specific task, PESQ can generate problems ...