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Re: Speech Database Collection: Preferred equipment/soundcards?

I think that for a recording like that any soundcard/audio interface
(including USB ones) from companies such as M-Audio, Edirol, E-mu,
Tascam, Alesis, Echo audio. I recommend that you check website of a
good online vendor (like Sweetwater, Fullcompass, zZounds etc.),
probably anything they carry will be good enough (and many will be too

Once you are above the level of noisy on-board (laptop and desktop)
soundcards it is much more important to have a good microphone, good
recording environment, and a decent preamp (which may be built in in
your audio interface). Please note that different types of microphones
require different preamps and/or inputs on your audio interface.


2008/9/17 Tarun Pruthi <t.pruthi@xxxxxxxx>:
> Hi:
> We are trying to collect a speech database for our application.
> In our experience laptop soundcards are notoriously bad with introducing
> strange noises into recordings, 60 Hz or otherwise. And I read on auditory
> list sometime back that USB external soundcards are no good either. So, we
> are planning to use  a Dell Desktop and do recordings in a sound booth.
> However, I wanted to find out if anyone has any experience with the kind of
> equipment that works best for it? Should we be careful about what kind of a
> soundcard do we use? Does anyone know which soundcards work best? Is there
> anything else that we should be careful about?
> Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks
> Tarun Pruthi
> Senior Research Engineer
> Think A Move

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