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Re: honor psych semniar project


I found these website to be chalk full of useful information:

good luck!

Dear Dan,

Because the purpose of honors research at most colleges and
universities that I know of is for the student to engage in
independent research, I encourage you to use what research skills you
have to answer this question for yourself.  Article databases such as
PubMed and PsycInfo will be helpful, but I believe it would be
improper for any of us to do this for you or direct you more
specifically than that.

Daniel Levitin

Date:    Sat, 20 Sep 2008 15:36:03 -0700
From:    Daniel Ladwig <clarinetbuddy8@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: honor psych semniar project

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I was thinking of doing my honors seminar on the idea of the
difference of remembering / recalling between speech and music
lyrics. Like can people  recall speech dialog better than music or
vice verse?
If anyone know any good research websites I can get good information
at, please let me know!! Any comments are welcome!
Thank you!
~Dan Ladwig=0A=0A=0A