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Positions in Cognitive Hearing Science at Linnaeus Centre HEAD, Sweden

Title: Positions in Cognitive Hearing Science at Linnaeus Centre HEAD, Sweden

Dear Colleagues,

Excuse for multiple postings.

Soon, thirteen new positions will be announced within the field of Cognitive Hearing Science at Linnaeus Centre HEAD, Sweden. These include:

-       Chair in Cognitive Hearing Science at Linköping University

-       7 post docs (5 in Linköping and 2 in Örebro)

-       5 doctoral students (3 in Linköping, 1 in Örebro and 1 in Lund)

Linnaeus Centre HEAD is based at Linköping University and governed by a board consisting of the core group and certain key close collaborators. The new positions will contribute to the development of Cognitive Hearing Science.

Details can be downloaded as three documents at www.ibl.liu.se/pub/jsp/polopoly.jsp?d=6714&a=129166 or from www.ihv.se under /Linnaeus Centre HEAD

One document is about the profile for the position as Professor in Cognitive Hearing Science, a second document is about the entire package of positions to be announced during the fall for the Linnaeus Centre HEAD, and finally, a short version of the application to the Swedish Research Council is also attached to give applicants an understanding of what kinds of research we will focus on during the next 10 years.

Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

Expressions of interest should be sent by November 15 to Jerker.Ronnberg@xxxxxx .

Best wishes,

/Thomas Lunner1,2,3, Associate Professor/Ph D
1) Technical Audiology
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Linköping University
S-58183 Linköping
+46 13 22 28 57

2) The Swedish Institute for Disability Research
Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning
Linkoping University
SE-581 83 Linkoping

3) Oticon A/S Research Centre Eriksholm
Kongevejen 243
DK - 3070 Snekkersten
+45 48 29 89 18 Direct
+45 48 29 89 00 Main
+45 49 22 36 29 Fax