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Positions in Cognitive Hearing Science at Linnaeus Centre HEAD, Sweden

Title: Positions in Cognitive Hearing Science at Linnaeus Centre HEAD, Sweden

Dear Colleagues,

Excuse for multiple postings.

Linköping University recently received a major 10-year grant from the Swedish Research Council to create Linnaeus Centre HEAD.

At the moment eleven new positions are announced at the post doc and PhD levels.

For more information visit: www.headcentre.se

Cognitive Hearing Science is an emerging field of investigation that encompasses technical and medical audiology as well as clinical and cognitive psychology, linguistics and sociology.

HEAD stands for HEaring And Deafness and thus indicates the field of research. Linnaeus Centre HEAD forms part of the Swedish Institute for Disability Research which builds on collaboration between the Swedish universities of Linköping and Örebro. The backbone of Linnaeus Centre HEAD is a multidisciplinary research team, comprising a core group of senior scientists, postdoctoral research fellows and close collaborators. This grant is supplemented by funding for the HEAD Graduate School on HEaring And Deafness.

Within the HEAD area, Cognitive Hearing Science represents a new, interdisciplinary field that focuses on how hearing-impaired and deaf people deploy cognitive resources to communicate in realistic, everyday situations. One central theme at Linköping University is modelling the dynamic interplay in the nervous system between human cognition and the auditory signal processing characteristics of hearing enhancement devices.

Investigation of how the brain constructs meaning from degraded and distorted input signals, and how brain plasticity varies in relation to the developmental trajectories of cognition and language across the lifespan are also important parts of this emerging field.

For more information:

Linnaeus Centre Director and Research Manager - Jerker Rönnberg, +46 13 282107, jerker.ronnberg@xxxxxx

Please forward to anyone you think might be interested.

Best wishes,

/Thomas Lunner1,2,3, Associate Professor/Ph D
1) Technical Audiology
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Linköping University
S-58183 Linköping
+46 13 22 28 57

2) The Swedish Institute for Disability Research
Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning
Linkoping University
SE-581 83 Linkoping

3) Oticon A/S Research Centre Eriksholm
Kongevejen 243
DK - 3070 Snekkersten
+45 48 29 89 18 Direct
+45 48 29 89 00 Main
+45 49 22 36 29 Fax