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Re: spectral shape + perceptual distance

Hi Andy,

Look at:
Rao P, van Dinther R, Veldhuis R, Kohlrausch A. (2001). "A measure for predicting audibility discrimination thresholds for spectral envelope distortions in vowel sounds," J Acoust Soc Am. 109, 2085-2097.


Andrew Sabin wrote:
Hi All,

Is anyone aware of a paper investigating a way to model the perceptual
distance between 2 sounds that differ in spectral shape, but are
otherwise identical? The ideal investigation would compare a single
recorded sound that has been processed with 2 different equalization
(frequency vs gain) curves. I am aware of the recent work by Terasawa
et al., but I am most interested in real (recorded) sounds.

Many thanks

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