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Re: spectral shape + perceptual distance

The perceptual distance between 2 sounds that differ in spectral shape
can be quantified by a method given in

J. G. Beerends, B. P. Busz, P. Oudshoorn, J. M. Van Vugt, O. K. Ahmed,
O. A. Niamut "Degradation Decomposition of the Perceived Quality of
Speech Signals on the Basis of a Perceptual Modeling Approach," J. Audio
Eng. Soc., vol. 55, pp. 1059-1076 (2007 Dec.).

Although focussed on speech the method can also be used for other types
of signals.

John Beerends
The Delft
The Netherlands

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Subject: spectral shape + perceptual distance

Hi All,

Is anyone aware of a paper investigating a way to model the perceptual
distance between 2 sounds that differ in spectral shape, but are
otherwise identical? The ideal investigation would compare a single
recorded sound that has been processed with 2 different equalization
(frequency vs gain) curves. I am aware of the recent work by Terasawa et
al., but I am most interested in real (recorded) sounds.

Many thanks

Andy Sabin
Graduate Student
Northwestern University
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