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Looking for a figure reference

Dear List,

in my collection of teaching slides I have one figure on auditory
nerve fibre responses which I really like and show to a lot of
students, but I cannot remember where I got it from. I would like to
attribute the slide correctly, give credit where it is due. The figure
has PSTHs of (cat?) auditory nerve fibre responses shown above a
spectrogram of the sound stimulus, a spoken sentence. The PSTHs of the
AN responses are arranged by characteristic frequency, creating a sort
of 'neurogram', and it is very readily apparent that the population
activity in the auditory nerve nicely reflects the acoustic energy
distribution in the stimulus spectrogram. Have you seen figures like
that? Do you remember the source? If so, please let me know.

Best wishes,


Dr Jan Schnupp
University of Oxford
Dept. of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
Sherrington Building - Parks Road
Oxford OX1 3PT - UK