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Re: Norms for Seashore Measures

Dear Monica

you (really) intend to use the Seashore test? (I highly appreciate most of Seashore's work, but not this test ...)

Prof. Hardi Fischer - somewhen in the 1960th - did research on new norms for the Seashore test, if I remember correctly. I think he is still alive and lives in Switzerland (Greifensee, Kt. Zuerich).
I propose you contact him.

Good luck,

Monica Vakil wrote:
Dear list,
Does anyone use the Seashore Measures of Musical Talents? Our lab has a question regarding the norms used for this test. Are the norms matched to the student's current grade level or to the student's last completed school grade level? On the testing sheet itself, it asks the student which grade they last completed, however the wording in the manual makes us believe that the norms are matched to the current grade level. Thank you in advance for any help. Best wishes, Monica

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