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Re: manual speech concatenation excersizes for students

Dear Valeriy

I run a lab session like this which uses a simple Visual Basic .NET application called "Robot Speech". I can mail the code and lab sheet to anyone interested.


Mark Huckvale

valeriy shafiro wrote:
Dear list,
Has anyone used speech concatenation exercises in their teaching of acoustic phonetics as a way to illustrate some of the problems of going from discrete phonetic symbols to continuous acoustic signals when parsing speech? I am thinking of a small project where students would have several recorded phrases or words and would need to synthesize a new phrase, based on the recordings (using something like Praat or similar waveform editing software).The goal wouldn't necessarily be to achieve good quality synthesis, but to document the problems that come up and explain them. I would appreciate suggestions and pointers, if anyone did something like this before. Thank you, Valeriy

Mark Huckvale, Director MSc Speech and Hearing Science
Speech, Hearing & Phonetic Sciences, University College London