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Re: very long mp3 files

Hi Dan and Andreas,

yes we've tried mp3split, it loads the recording, but refuses to
generate output....

Thanks anyway,

Dan Stowell schreef:
> Hi -
> Maybe you have already tried mp3splt?
> http://mp3splt.sourceforge.net/
> Not tried it with days-long audio, but it has been handy in a number
> of situations, because it performs the split without any transcoding.
> Dan
> Peter van Hengel wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> We are looking for a way to split very long MP3 recordings (several
>> hours up to several days!) into smaller parts and/or convert them to
>> wav-format. We have tried various MP3-to-wav converters, but they all
>> hang themselves on these long recordings. The way we solve the problem
>> now is to use one PC as MP3 player, and take the sound output of that as
>> input for a second PC, which then makes shorter recordings in
>> wav-format. It works, but the solution is far from ideal.
>> Is there anyone who has any experience with this or suggestions?
>> All the best,
>> Peter van Hengel

dr. ir. Peter van Hengel
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