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Re: very long mp3 files

On Thu, 8 Jan 2009, Peter van Hengel wrote:

> now is to use one PC as MP3 player, and take the sound output of that as
> input for a second PC, which then makes shorter recordings in
> wav-format. It works, but the solution is far from ideal.

I can tell you a solution that can do it with one PC instead of two.
Winamp is able to send its output into a wav file instead of the sound
card. I'm also pretty sure that it won't try to load the whole mp3 file
before playing, as the sound editors you tried. So - it think - Winamp can
solve you the mp3 to wav conversion. OK, you'll still have the problem of
cutting the wav into pieces, but probably there are more utilities for
that than for mp3 splittng.

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