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More cepstrum flaws

Dear members of the list,

Continuing with the ongoing criticism of cepstral methods, I want to
reference a paper I published in which it is shown that, from a
theoretical point of view, cepstrum does not work when there are zeros
in the spectrum (e.g., for periodic signals):

Camacho, A. (2008). "Comment on 'Cepstrum pitch determination' [J.
Acoust. Soc. Am. 41, 293–309 (1967)]," Journal of the Acoustical
Society of America, vol. 124, pp. 2706-2707.

The point made in the paper is that zeroes in the spectrum are mapped
by the logarithm to minus infinity, and since functions with
non-finite open sets do not have a Fourier transform, the last step of
cepstrum cannot be performed.



Arturo Camacho, PhD
Computer and Information Science and Engineering
University of Florida

E-mail: acamacho@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Web page: www.cise.ufl.edu/~acamacho