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f0 dls in a musical context

Hello Andrew,

I do not know whether there is consensus on f0 dls for complex tones. We did, however, use stimuli of the sort I think you are interested in two studies of pitch perception. It is actually rather tricky to produce band limited stimuli that do not have edge tones.

The first focuses on f0 dls using a 2AFC task.
The second focuses on the answer you get with a musical task.
Between the two, I think you should find what you need.

Krumbholz, K., Patterson, R.D. and Pressnitzer, D. (2000). The lower limit of pitch as determined by rate discrimination. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 108 1170-1180.

Pressnitzer, D., Patterson, R.D. and Krumbholz, K. (2001). The lower limit of melodic pitch. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 109 2074-2084.

I can provide pdfs if you need them.

Regards Roy P

Andrew Milne wrote:
Dear members of the list,

Is there a consensus on the size of the frequency difference limen for the f0 of complex tones such as those produced by musical instruments - i.e. containing both resolved and unresolved harmonics. References to papers describing the precise nature of the tests used would also be helpful.

Many thanks

Andrew Milne

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