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Music cognition meeting, handbook

Dear List,

Last week I posted to the list about the upcoming music cognition
meeting in August (abstract deadline Feb 1):


I forgot to mention that some of you may be interested in the newly
published Oxford Handbook of Music Psychology (edited by Hallam, Cross, and Thaut):


This book has a remarkable range, with 52 chapters divided into 11 sections:

- the origins and functions of music
- music perception
- responses to music
- music and the brain
- musical development
- learning musical skills
- musical performance
- composition and improvisation
- the role of music in our everyday lives
- music therapy
- conceptual frameworks, research methods, and future directions

Note that a 20% discount is available at this website: http://www.oup.co.uk/sale/amohmp09/

This book, plus Bill Thompson's recent textbook on music cognition
("Music, Thought, and Feeling"),  provide wonderful new resources
for teaching and research in music cognition.


Ani Patel

President, SMPC

Aniruddh D. Patel, Ph.D.
Esther J. Burnham Senior Fellow
The Neurosciences Institute
10640 John Jay Hopkins Drive
San Diego, CA 92121

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