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Emotional sounds ... Gzowski & McLean

This was live to air in 1986 ...


Monty's dead parrot pales in comparison to the dead cricket. These are both fully seasoned broadcasters.

It begins a bit slow, but the discussion provides context for what is to follow. It also provides a sense of the nature of the two speakers. Jump forward to about halfway in if you are in a hurry.



Date:    Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:41:09 +0000
From:    Manon Grube <manon.grube@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: 10s emotional sounds asap

Hi all,=20

Just a quick quest pls:
Does anybody know of web postings or have, without effort, any long emotional sounds handy? That'd be fab!

We'd like a couple of positive (like contagious laughter) and negative (like wretching, screaming, crying) sounds. We only need very few but good and long ones (about 10s!) for an opening lecture series for teenage students-to-be, it is nothing proper auditory, but to emphasize & impress with sounds (:

Thanks a lot in advance!


PS we'd need them by tomorrow...

Manon Grube

Research Associate
Auditory Research Group
Medical School
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Framlington Place