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Re: AUDITORY Digest - 14 Jan 2009 to 15 Jan 2009 - Special issue (#2009-17)

the two primary free packages for experiment design & data collection are:

MEDS for Windows (by Roger Kendall at UCLA)

PsyScope for Mac OS X (by Language, Cognition and Development Lab)

Scott Lipscomb

Dr. Scott D. Lipscomb, Associate Professor & Division Head
Music Education & Music Therapy
University of Minnesota School of Music
148 Ferguson Hall
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Minneapolis, MN 55455 USA
phone: (612) 624-2843
FAX: (612) 626-2200
email: lipscomb@xxxxxxx
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On Jan 15, 2009, at 5:38 PM, AUDITORY automatic digest system wrote:

Date:    Thu, 15 Jan 2009 07:43:38 -0600
From:    Fatima Husain <husainf@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Free software for conducting psychoacoustic experiments

Dear List,
I was wondering if there is a freely available software with some in-built simple psychoacoustic experiments,
something that the students can easily tweak to run their own experiments?
I am teaching a psychoacoustics class and roughly half the class has no programming experience (hence Matlab is out.

Thanks in advance,