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Af0 frequency difference limen

Title: AUDITORY Digest - 14 Jan 2009 to 15 Jan 2009 - Special issue (#2009-17)
Dear colleagues
I reviewed the literature on DLs for musical tones in the following paper which can be downloaded from my homepage:
Parncutt, R., & Cohen, A. J. (1995). Identification of microtonal melodies: Effects of scale-step size, serial order, and training. Perception & Psychophysics, 57, 835-846.
Well that was some time ago, but I guess one conclusion has not changed: Any estimate of such DLs is pretty approximate because of the big learning effects and individual differences. At the risk of being pedantic I guess I should also say that it is important to specify the exact context in which a DL is measured, e.g. successive versus simultaneous, duration of tones and gaps, repetitions, frequency range, information load on the experimental participant.
Richard Parncutt
Uni Graz