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CHRONICLE: Post Doc Announcement - U S Army Research Laboratory (UNCLASSIFIED)

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Please read the following email about a post-doc opportunity at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

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Angelique Scharine PhD
Army Research Lab - HRED
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From: Amrein, Bruce (Civ,ARL/HRED) 
Sent: Thursday, February 05, 2009 12:48 PM
Subject: CHRONICLE: Post Doc Announcement (UNCLASSIFIED)

Classification:  UNCLASSIFIED
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The announcement below is advertised in the Chronicle of Higher Education (http://chronicle.com/ )

Request you forward this announcement to any interested colleagues.




Auditory Research: Post-doctoral position in Auditory Research. A postdoctoral position in psychoacoustics is available at the Human Research and Engineering Directorate, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. The position is currently open and is expected to be filled by the end of April. The successful candidate will be a member of multidisciplinary research team studying human auditory performance in open field and in immersive virtual environments. Requirements: (1) a doctoral degree in acoustics, psychology, audiology, hearing science, computer science, or other related discipline and (2) U.S. citizenship. Familiarity with general psychoacoustics issues, digital audio, and some programming expertise are expected. The initial contract is for a 24 month period with possibility of converting it into a government position during the contract or at its end. Formal applications including a letter of intent, curriculum vitae, and the names of three references should be sent to: Tomasz Letowski, Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist, U.S. Army Research Laboratory, AMSRD-ARL-HR / B-520, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland 21005-5425; voice: 410-278-5864; fax: 410-278-3587; e-mail: trl2@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Informal inquiries are welcome. 

The  announcement is on-line at: http://chronicle.com/jobs/id.php?id=0000589809-01&pg=s&cc=  and attached.  It will remain on-line until 01 March 2009.

Bruce E. Amrein
Chief, Visual & Auditory Processes Branch Human Research & Engineering Directorate U.S. Army Research Laboratory 520 Mulberry Point Road
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