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Re: Ultrasonic recordings in rats

Dear Jeremy,

I am looking to make some recordings of ultrasonic rat vocalizations... [to] around 50 kHz. I would assume that a good high frequency condenser microphone and preamp are in order...

It depends (as does almost everything) on what your requirements are. If you want to measure moderate sound levels to great accuracy, then a laboratory standard is appropriate; if your requirements of accuracy are less stringent, or if you want to measure low-level sounds, there are much cheaper alternatives. We've had good results recently with some new microphones from Knowles Acoustics - their FG23652 or FG23629 both have good sensitivity and a low noise floor, and their SPM0204UD5 ultrasonic MEMS mic might also be sufficient. I think we got them from Digi-Key. They'll need phantom power (which can be from a battery), and you can use any instrumentation amplifier with them.

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