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Re: HTK already optimized for TIMIT

> Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 21:25:30 +0100

From: Javier Martinez Elicegui
Dear all

I am at the beginning of my thesis about applying human non-linear
peripherical  auditory models for speech recognition improvement in noisy

I have been preparing an ASR system with HTK toolkit and TIMIT corpus.

Because I have some problems for optimizing HTK and this is not the focus of
my thesis,  I would be grateful if someone would send me a model
configuration already optimized for TIMIT database (hmmdefs, macros,

You are in luck.   Not quite as much luck as you asked for, but pretty lucky nevertheless.

I have written a bash script that trains and tests a TIMIT system for HTK.  It's written for the purpose of research into acoustic features representations for automatic speech recognition, so you can just plug in your own features and it'll give you an error rate which tells you how good your are doing.

It can be downloaded from http://cantabresearch.dnsalias.com/HTKtimit.sh

Good luck,


Dr Tony Robinson
Founder, Cantab Research Ltd