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Representing Sound in non-audio formats, specifically Journal Articles

I'm in the process of writing a journal article about the research I
have done on using sound to represent spatial data. As I'm sure you are
all aware, there are many issues when trying to demonstrate research
involving sound in a written journal paper, particularly when the
journal is not used to receiving these types of submissions.

Does anyone know of a good text exploring the issues of writing an
article trying to represent sounds in a very non-sonic way?

Obviously there are ways to make the sound available via the Internet
such as sound clips or examples of the program in question. However I'm
specifically interested in ways sound can be represented in a written or
visual medium for the article itself.


P.S. I've specifically been ambiguous about the type of sound to be
represented, as even though a particular method may not work for my
data, it might be useful for someone else or prompt ideas for my data in
a very different way!

Nick Bearman
PhD Student
School of Environmental Science
University of East Anglia
Norwich, NR4 7TJ
E-mail: n.bearman@xxxxxxxxx