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Searching for a recording from a sports event

Hello Auditory List :)

I am looking for a lossless encoded recording from a sports event,
something like a commentary of a match with applause and people
shouting in the background.
A length around 10 seconds and mono would be sufficient. I need it as
a test signal for a paper about a new audio codec and therefore I need
an original recording without any psychoacoustic lossy compression
applied to it.

I did search the Internet the whole Sunday but couldn't find such a
recording so if you have such a recording or a hint where to get it,
that would be splendid! :)

Thank you very much in advance

:) stefan

Dipl.-Math./Inf. MSc Stefan Strahl
University of Oldenburg
Department of Physics
Signal Processing Group
26111 Oldenburg, Germany
EMail: stefan.strahl@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx