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Audio Impairment Descriptions in PEAQ

Hello List,

Does anyone know if there are any publications or websites that give
greater details on the impairment types described in the ITU Standard

The only details given in this standard are as follows:

"(1) Transients: pre-echo sensitive, smearing of noise in temporal domain.
(2) Tonal structure: noise sensitive, roughness.
(3) Natural speech (critical combination of tonal parts and attacks):
distortion sensitive, smearing of
(4) Complex sound: stresses the Device Under Test.
(5) High bandwidth: stresses the Device Under Test, loss of high
frequencies, programme-modulated
high frequency noise."

If anyone knows of anywhere these are explained in more detail or if
anyone knows about these, in more detail, themselves then I would be
greatful for this information. i.e. a clearer and more detailed
explanation to what these impairments listed above mean.

Thanks for any information or help.

Dermot Campbell,
Postgraduate Student,
National University of Ireland, Galway.