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Re: USB audio and vibration recording device with driver


If your main use would be airborne measurements with microphones, you
might want to look at those audio cards with the 48V phantom power
outputs and look at getting the B&K or BSWA instrumentation mic
preamps that are designed for any of the standard prepolarized
measurement microphones.

This obviously wouldn't let you use ICP accelerometers, but it would
let you use standard 1/2 prepolarized instrumentation mics.

I have begun using the USB to XLR adapters (simple USB A/D that
provide 48V phantom on an XLR that cost $50) with BSWA 4006
microphones (48V XLR preamp and a standard 1/2" prepolarized mic) that
costs about $200.  For $250 I have something very compact, that plugs
into any windows or mac computer, and requires no external power.
It's also hard to break so I can let students check them out for
taking room measurements at home.


Ralph Muehleisen, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor and Director of the Miller Acoustics Lab
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