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CFP Sonic Interaction Design book : Case Studies

Call for proposals : Sonic Interaction Design book case studies

Abstract Deadline: *30 May 2009*
Abstract Length: *500 words*

We invite your contribution to a book on Sonic Interaction design, which
discusses new perspectives on interactive sound and emergent research
topics. The book will be published by MIT Press in spring 2011; is supported
by the COST ITC Action on Sonic Interaction Design IC0601; and is edited by
Karmen Franinovic and Stefania Serfain.

The submitted texts should contain case studies representative of an
application area, such as mobile technology, gaming, rehabilitation or
wellness. Your contribution may be focused on one single project (2000
words), or it may give an overview of a whole application/thematic area (up
to 4000 words). Projects need to be contextualized within the respective
domains, such as:

   - Mobile technology
   - Rehabilitation and medical applications
   - Product sound design
   - Artistic installations
   - Game interfaces
   - Toys
   - Architecture
   - Music
   - etc..

Please submit your abstracts to *sts@xxxxxxxxxx by 30 May 2009.*

Deadline for Abstracts: 30 May 2009
Deadline for Papers: 30 August 2009
Notification of Accepted Papers: 30 September 2009
Final Draft: 1 November 2009

Best Regards,
Karmen and Stefania