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Re: Sound booth fire codes

When we purchased a 10x10 IAC booth several years ago, the overall room in which it was placed was a laboratory and had the sprinklers, and the local inspectors did not insist that either sprinklers or alarms be installed.
But we do ensure that someone outside the booth will check the booth if an emergency or fire evacuation occurs. One of the occasions when the booth was checked was 9/11 (I'm at a federal lab in the Washington DC area.)


Date:    Wed, 15 Apr 2009 14:10:17 -0400
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Subject: Re: Sound booth fire codes

Yes, something like that happened to us as well. Except, they weren't quite=
that communicative. We came in to work one Monday morning and discovered t=
hat all the sound booths in the building had a hole drilled in them and vis=
ual fire alarms (but no sprinklers) installed. Of course, sound proofing wa=
sn't a priority for the installers..... so over the next several weeks we h=
ad to undertake several exercises to attempt to seal the booths again.

Apparently, the local codes required that (at a minimum) there be a warning=
device inside any "room" in our building. In this instance, the inspector =
(who must have been working late night on some weekend) decided to call eac=
h sound booth a "room". The contractor that installed the fire alarms just =
followed instructions.


Rahul Shrivastav
University of Florida

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 Different topic.  During the past couple of weeks I moved one of my IAC d=
ouble-walled sound booths (~10x10x10 foot outer dimensions) to a different =
room.  After the move the inspector for my building informed me that a fire=
sprinkler must be installed INSIDE the sound booth.  Four years ago I had =
2 booths installed brand new and the inspector had no problem (go figure). =
Has anybody, particularly here in the US, had a similar experience with th=
eir sound booths?  I've seen a lot of sound booths around the US and I've n=
ever once observed a fire sprinkler inside the booth.

PS.  Thanks to all those on the LIST that suggested contractors to me to mo=
ve the sound room.

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