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classic lateralization tasks

Dear list members,

I'm implementing some new experiment in MLP (http://www.psy.unipd.it/~grassi/mlp.html) and I'm looking for classic lateralization tasks but I have no idea whether there is any. (Lateralization tasks: tasks that require to identify the location of a sound source along the azimuth by using headphones.)

For far I implemented only those used by Saberi and Green (P&P, 1997), namely, a ITD discrimination (a 2I-2AFC task with a 500-Hz sine wave where the stating phase is modulate to simulate ITD and the subject has to tell whether the leading tone of the tone pair is from the left of from the right) plus a similar experiment with a 3500-Hz sine carrier modulated by a 50-Hz sinusoid with ITD.

I'm wandering whether it has any sense to do something similar with ILD differences. Moreover, whether there is any more/further classic experiment I could implement (e.g., noises instead of tones).

Any suggestion is more than welcome,