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Call for Papers: Speech Prosody 2010

Every Language, Every Style: Globalizing the Science of Prosody
Call For Papers

Prosody is, as far as we know, a universal characteristic of human speech,
founded on the cognitive processes of speech production and perception. 
Adequate modeling of prosody has been shown to improve human-computer
interface, to aid clinical diagnosis, and to improve the quality of second
language instruction, among many other applications.

Speech Prosody 2010, the fifth international conference on speech prosody,
invites papers addressing any aspect of the science and technology of
prosody.  Speech Prosody is the only recurring international conference
focused on prosody as an organizing principle for the social, psychological,
linguistic, and technological aspects of spoken language.  Speech Prosody
2010 seeks, in particular, to discuss the universality of prosody.  To what
extent can the observed scientific and technological benefits of prosodic
modeling be ported to new languages, and to new styles of spoken language? 
Toward this end, Speech Prosody 2010 especially welcomes papers that create
or adapt models of prosody to languages, dialects, sociolects, and/or
communicative situations that are inadequately addressed by the current
state of the art.


Speech Prosody 2010 will include keynote presentations, oral sessions, and
poster sessions covering topics including:

* Prosody of under-resourced languages and dialects
* Communicative situation and speaking style
* Dynamics of prosody: structures that adapt to new situations
* Phonology and phonetics of prosody
* Rhythm and duration
* Syntax, semantics, and pragmatics
* Meta-linguistic and para-linguistic communication
* Signal processing
* Automatic speech synthesis, recognition and understanding
* Prosody of sign language
* Prosody in face-to-face interaction: audiovisual modeling and analysis
* Prosodic aspects of speech and language pathology
* Prosody in language contact and second language acquisition
* Prosody and psycholinguistics
* Prosody in computational linguistics
* Voice quality, phonation, and vocal dynamics


Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length, four-page papers,
including figures and references, at http://speechprosody2010.org. All
Speech Prosody papers will be handled and reviewed electronically.


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Submission of Papers (http://speechprosody2010.org): October 15, 2009
Notification of Acceptance:                          December 15, 2009
Conference:                                          May 11-14, 2010