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SMC 2009, Porto - Inspirational sessions - Late Deadline: 8th June

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Dear readers of the Auditory mailing list,

In addition to the traditional papers, posters, tutorials and music
works, there is another way for you to participate in the SMC 2009
conference to be held in Porto in July:
The conference will feature 4 "inspirational sessions". The only
restriction on contributions to the sessions is that they have to be
original and inspired. No implementation, proofs, results nor
evaluations will be required. Just great, inspirational ideas.
These proposals will be evaluated on the basis of originality,
forward-thinking and potential to generate interesting and
controversial discussions.
The only restriction on the format is that contributions must fit on a
single side of an A4 sheet.

DEADLINE: June 8th

During the conference, accepted contributors will have 5 to 10 minutes
of presentation time.
Individual contributions to special sessions will be published online,
and reports of special sessions may be considered for publication
after the conference in a special issue of the Computer Music Journal,
together with a selection of other material from the conference.

The topics of the 4 sessions are:
- "Sonic Interaction Design: interactive sound and everyday life"
(Chair: Karmen Franinovic)
- "Visualisation of music" (Chair: Stephan Baumann)
- "Current Challenges in Sound and Music Computing" (Chair: Xavier Serra)
- "Algorithmic Composition and Interactive Music" (Chair: Carlos Guedes)

You can read more on the following page:

Looking forward seeing you in Porto in July.
Fabien Gouyon (on behalf of the SMC 2009 organizing committee)


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