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master thesis - signal and effect processors - terminology records

Dear sound processing experts,

I'm currently writing a master thesis on signal and effect processors + some of their principal circuits and controllers. The particular aspect of this work is that it is treated terminologically. So my work is to create a series of terminology records in which you'll find the term (category, gender, number) + the domain, a definition, some notes, synonyms, etc. All these entries will have to be ratified by experts of the domain.

You'll find enclosed a Word document containing the first 5 terms: dynamics processor - level detector - gain - threshold - ratio.

In function of the type of dynamics processor (compressor, expander, etc.) there might be slight changes in the definition (e.g. for the threshold, the attack time, etc.) But this is for a next email.

I would be glad if you could take a look at these first five terminology records and give me your impression.

Best regards,

Felipe Toussaint
Master II, Terminology and Translation, Brussels

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